Cool trick with make FIFOs (named pipes) - mkfifo

Cool trick with make FIFOs (named pipes) - mkfifo


In computing, a named pipe (also known as a FIFO for its behavior) is an extension to the traditional pipe concept on Unix and Unix-like systems, and is one of the methods of inter-process communication (IPC).

Here's a cool trick that you could try, basically you could share your screen with one of your students or co-workers, just follow these steps here:

1. You need 2 terminals open

2. In the first terminal run:

mkfifo file_name

3. Then run the following:

script -f file_name

4. Then from the second terminal run:

cat file_file

Once you have that ready, whatever you run on your main screen will be outputted on the second screen in real time.

Here is an example:


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