My eBooks

Here are some of the eBooks I've written. I really enjoy creating content helping people. I hope you enjoy them!

Introduction to Linux Provides foundational knowledge on which many of the other topics will be built upon, especially for those who are new to the Linux environment. Introduction to Bash Scripting After gaining familiarity with the Linux environment, users can delve into automating tasks within that environment using Bash scripting. Introduction to Git and GitHub Version control is essential for any serious coding or infrastructure project. Knowing Git and GitHub early will be beneficial as the reader progresses to other topics. Introduction to SQL Databases are ubiquitous in software and system design. SQL is foundational for understanding how to interact with relational databases. Introduction to Docker With a foundation in Linux, scripting, version control, and databases, readers can move on to understanding containerization, a key concept in modern development and deployment practices. Introduction to Terraform After grasping the basics of Docker, users can further their knowledge in infrastructure automation and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with Terraform.

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